Dancing In His Arms …

I am not a good dancer; so when I knew I’d have to dance at my wedding, I was extremely nervous.  I have no recollection of dancing with my husband, but I do distinctly remember dancing with two of my uncles.  (My grandmother loved to dance, and it was she who taught my uncles how to dance.  She would put on waltz music and teach her boys smooth moves in the kitchen after the evening meal.)  When I was dancing with them, I didn’t need to worry about my inability; they wrapped me firmly in their arms, guided me across the dance floor, and allowed me to relax and enjoy myself.  It was a pleasure (and an honor) dancing with each of them.

Today, two of the devotions I read pertained to dancing and singing and praising God. One of them encouraged me to put on my dancing shoes, allow the LORD to play a song for my soul, and feel myself move to the beat of His heart.*  I imagined myself in the arms of God, feeling the same sense of security I felt in my uncles’ arms while dancing at my wedding … safe, warm, and loved.  The second devotion confirmed that feeling:

As you relax in My everlasting arms, sense how safe and secure you are.**

Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano

My quiet time with the LORD got me thinking … I want to spend more time dancing.  I want to spend more time wrapped in the everlasting arms of my heavenly Father, forgetting my inabilities (my insecurities, whatever I lack), relaxing in His strength, allowing Him to guide me along this dance floor of life.  I want to be in His will, hearing His song, moving to the beat of His heart.  I can’t think of a more comfortable place to be.

Start the music, Abba, and sweep me off my feet!

Lacing up my dancing shoes,
Lori Lynn

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** Young, S. (2009). WorshipJesus Lives, p. 14. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.